They say that the artist must reflect the society in which he lives, that this is inevitable whether he wants it or not. Society influences a great deal, yes, but there is also your own personal judgment which fights with everything that is happening around you. There are artists who passively absorb that which the contemporary world offers them with its dizzying progress in technology, and they consider themselves lucky that they are in the avant-garde of modern art no matter if humanity is being dragged to the edge of extinction.
I am of those artists (and their number grows daily) who are fighting this slavish attitude. And I say it is slavish because instead of drawing original power from the life that fills us, from the worldwide movement of human experience and of history, we worship more and more sterile forms of creativity which are being promoted and imposed by the big centers of modern art, where art becomes an object of the most obscene commercial exploitation where greed is king. This is the most despicable motive of today’s society, as is the hypocrisy which justifies greed.
We accept and even admire constructions of the worst kind just because we think they qualify for the market of New York -- perfectly constructed works which are missing what we call soul and spirit. They are missing and have been replaced by technological perfectionism and even extraordinary inventiveness. But these works breathe out such a cold air they repel you and freeze your heart and soul, at least for those still that much alive.
We must change course. We must support and express our humanity which has contracted and is threatened over the whole world.

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