Vika was born in the village of Paliokastro, in the northern Greek region of Thessaly, and grew up in Berlin and Athens. She went to the United States to go to college, receiving a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1972. Most of her sculpture is cast bronze, but some is ceramic or mixed media. Other work includes drawings, paintings, and earthworks. Vika endeavors to have the richness and excitement of living and loving in her work. She believes in an art with courage which takes position against the commercial exploitation of art and against self-promotion for money and shallow glories, art being the greatest celebration of human freedom in all of life.
Vika was co-founder of the Sculptors' Union of Greece (based in Athens) in 1973 and is currently a member of the Administrative Council of the Union. Her bronze works are part of the permanent collection of the Greek Ministry of Culture, and one large piece, "Hero", is on permanent exhibit at Pandeios University, Athens, Greece. The bronze sculpture, Third World, was presented as a gift to visiting ex-Chancellor of Germany, Willy Brandt in 1990. Her many favorable press reviews include one in the Athenian Kathimerini in which the Greek critic, Dora Rogan, wrote: "Very dynamic, a fountainhead talent, Vika reminds us that there still exists even in rare instances the great art of sculpture."
Her selected exhibitions include: annual group shows of the Sculptors' Union of Greece, Athens, Greece; Two Person Show, the DADA Gallery, Athens, Greece; the Greek National Garden, Athens, Greece; the two all-Greek Panhellenic exhibitions, Athens, Greece; Solo Exhibition, Sevo Studio, Athens, Greece; Solo Exhibition, the Syn Gallery, Athens, Greece; Solo Exhibition, Pleiades Gallery, Athens, Greece; and three Solo Exhibitions, Kreonidis Gallery.

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