You Are Love

It's all the perfect memories that I'm speaking of

Because you are Love.

Love that engulfs the universe
And all those stars

All that sand along the beaches

And all those candy bars

Those wrappers along the horizons              Vika

That sweet touch you have

And give me on some mornings

When I lie awake in bed

And feel your love,              Vika

And commiserate with savannahs

That are filled with beasts

Feeding upon one another              Vika

As all the ages come and go

But there is this I know

That you are love

That all things begin with what you are
And never end,

No, they'll never end

For love will stand up dazzling

In the Eastern sky
While birds fly by

And candy wrappers fill the car tracks

Across that sky and the birds that fly

And my feelings for

My groping for your fingertips
To make Love come Flash!

To consume my heart and make the ashes

Your sweet trash

Oh let me be
One piece of your remonstrances

And then you'll see

That I've unwrapped the candy

Underneath that tree
That tree across the savannahs

The ongoing, beast-ridden savannahs

Parading and parading

Parading and parading
Because you and you alone

Lying there now and limned in morning light

Are love.