--From the newspaper "Eleftherotypia"

A gathering of 25 works of the sculptor Vika, in bronze, which represent creativity of recent years and cover a broad spectrum of morpho-plastic discourse is being presented at the Gallery "Pleiades".

"Through each of her sculptures whether they are small or greater in size, Vika reminds us that there still exists the great art of sculpture", as has written the art critic N. Iliopoulou Rogan in talking about the sculptress' work.

--"She Paints the Tone of the Times",   by Maria Kotzamani  (from the Greek magazine "Eikones",  May 18, 1988)

With her present exhibit at the gallery Pleiades, the sculptor Vika has reached a summit of maturity which justifies all the previously taken course.  A research in forms and an ideological investigation are inseparably tied in her work and are now being realized creatively, leading to a daring conjunction of forces.

The anthropomorphic character of her work is not only an index of reference but a central axis of structure without taking refuge in literary solutions.  Because Vika does not describe, does not narrate.  She interprets the tone of the epoch and the ideals of human beings.

To realize this result, it is obvious that expressive means with analogous counter-balances were used.  With steadiness and a compositional surety, the sculptor works her surfaces in tones and rhythms balancing to the limits of meaning and of morphic shaping.

Her dynamic and untamable gesture frees the energy of matter but without the daring of expression destroying its organization.  It would be difficult to confine the sculpture of Vika to a certain aesthetic category.  Despite the fact that the basic principles of her work remain always stable, the compositional development of values is being displaced and changed every time, from work to work, searching continually for expressive possibilities never known before and not exhausted by use.  Because what mainly interests the sculptor is not the conventional attitude of a formalistic aesthetic, but the adaptation of the form to the contents that she wants to express.

So her vigorous and compact forms, regardless of their size, keep their presence in space completely, proving in the most eloquent way that true sculpture is not measured by the size of the work but by the sum of values that are organically contained in it.

--From the newspaper "Kathimerini", by N. I. Rogan

A very mature technique and a very advanced feeling for her material as it relates to the shaping of expression characterizes the bronze sculpture of Vika (at Kreonides Gallery).  Such compositions as "Symplegma", "Hips", "Small Torso", and many others reveal the abilities of the creator who sees deeply, as if seeing through a continually renewed prism, and handles her sculpture in a personal way that is free of the need to fit into styles and labels.

The drawings of Vika impress one with their rhythm and flow of line and with the enrichment of psychological colors she gives to her work.

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--by Christos Koulouris

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