Vika on Life and Art ...

One thing that is very important to me, I like the sculpture so that you can walk over it with your eyes like it is a mountain, a valley -- I have one piece called Hymettos (that is a mountain around Athens -- I love these mountains around Athens) -- I wanted a sculpture that expresses the serenity and the softness of the curves of the mountain and how at sun-dawn the sun comes up over it -- I love that feeling, and I wanted to give it in that figure.
Many times when I have shown my work they say, "Oh, you really create like a man!", and that is intended as a compliment. I kind of laugh, "Why, is man's art better than woman's art?" The fact is that we have a patriarchy, and man's art is promoted and woman's is not. Woman has to be kind of submissive, and if she is not, they say, "Oh, she is like a man".
I know that there are great abstract artists but that is not for me. I want to be close to the earth, to the human being. I want to show the beauty that is in human beings, and when you go to abstraction you get away from the human being -- you go to technology, you use technology, and I am really not enthusiastic about technology, because it is mainly destructive.
I don't think that anything compares to the creation of life. I would demolish my sculptures for the sake of life. Life is more important than art; art is just an expression of life. And I believe that each individual has the feeling of expressing himself, and that is a sort of art. I think each person can create in different ways -- some people create a child, some people create with their heart something; there are many kinds of art.

You have to have something real to say I have been immersed in my family, and I wanted to create as I was living -- because if you haven't lived, you cannot create anything because you don't have anything to say. There are many artists who have the technical perfection and know how to draw, how to paint, how to use colors, how to use forms, but are empty of any essence. You have to say something, you have to have something in you that wants to come out -- and that is when the work is strong: when you have something real to say to other people.

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