"it teaches you your soul"
  1. Group of sculptures, A
  2. Group of sculptures, B
  3. Group of sculptures, C
  4. Group of sculptures, D
  5. Group of sculptures, E
  6. Group of sculptures, F
  7. Photos of Sculptures created between 1948 and 2008
  8. Photos of Vika creating her art and exhibitions, mostly in Athens
  9. Photos of Drawings created between 1950 and 2008
  10. Animation of Melina Mercouri, then Greek Minister of Culture, discovering Vika's sculpture "Hero" for the Ministry.
  11. Then-Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt receiving Vika's "Third World."
  12. Comments from Guestbook, in Greek
  13. Photos of Vika, of Melina Mercouri and Willy Brandt with Vika's sculpture, Vika at the parthenon, etc.
  14. Statement, reviews, comments (Greek and English)
    Artist's statement. Comments from Vika. Bio of Vika. Greek and English. Guest book quotes (Greek)
  15. Sculpture "Flesh, Fire, Dionysus" on cover of book by poet Alexandros Faos.
  16. Vika on Life and Art
  17. Erato
    there is a wind that blows from the Parthenon, a wind of intelligence that Prometheus gave to the Greeks. Erato has her face turned to that wind.
  18. A Portrait of Vika from the monthly "Time in Athens" (an English-language journal); article written by Ellen Sutton.
  19. Poem for Vika by her Lover
  20. "Vika," a play by her Lover showing her view of the Insular Cortex
  21. images from the half-hour video, Vika: Form and Expression.
  22. --In English, from Greek newspapers and magazines
  23. Click to view these sculptures as multiple-view animations.
  24. They say that the artist must reflect the society in which he lives, that this is inevitable whether he wants it or not.
  25. Vika. by Christos Koulouris, publisher
  26. A "contact sheet" of photos of some of Vika's sculpture. Some are clickable for a larger/different view.
  27. A glazed ceramic piece from the '50s, "The Mermaids" (an ashtray, this was one of Vika's few utilitarian pieces), and a recent work, "Bronze Angel" (two views).
  28. click images for larger versions.
  29. --Apo to periodiko "Eikastika". Grafei o Mavos Stefavidns.
  30. Vika was born in the village of Paliokastro, in the northern Greek region of Thessaly; lived in Berlin, in Athens, and the United States.
  31. Vika currently lives and works in Athens.
  32. Pen and ink drawing.
  33. Review (in Greek)
  34. Animation.
  35. A still from the "Form and Expression" video.
  36. A shot from the half-hour video, "Vika: Form and Expression": Vika plays with the capability of the camera to do transparent image overlays.
  37. Animation.
  38. bronze hips (from stone)
  39. woman in plaster
  40. A small clay piece, about 1 foot tall, done in the early 1950's.
  41. An early piece done while Vika was attending the Kansas City Art Institute.
  42. A still from the "Form and Expression" video.

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